YouTube SEO: A strategy that releases YouTube search results

YouTube SEO is one of the most important factors that many entrepreneurs seek to learn, but the question here is how YouTube videos appear above the search results ie in the first clips? In general, what is the benefit of YouTube channels?

Very simply, you should know well that YouTube channels are among the most popular platforms in the world,

It is affiliated and owned by the American company Google, and millions of people, whether they are famous or ordinary, create a channel for them on YouTube to achieve the highest benefit from behind, with a view to profit from YouTube.

The importance of YouTube SEO

The first pages of YouTube channels are released It is one of the things that a large number of users who own YouTube channels want to earn financial income from behind, meaning that their channels top the front pages.

This process is intended to broadcast YouTube channels in the first results when searching on YouTube’s search engine.

And getting that is considered one of the basic things that many people strive for, so that they get the results of the first pages.

But doing this is not as smooth as you might expect.

Especially since we are talking about huge competition between a huge number of competitors who are on YouTube and they all want to get the same thing as it issues the results of search engines.

But do not be concerned about this, as we will present to you today some basic concepts to improve the performance of YouTube videos,

Through which it will occupy the first page of the search engine through the YouTube platform.

Just read the next paragraphs.

How is the first page in YouTube video search?

Before we explain to you the means by which you can set SEO YouTube and export search engines.

You should know that SEO methods are never the same as SEO for YouTube videos.

The sites contain topics and thus the process of placing the keywords in the articles is not difficult, which will enable you to easily lead the search engines.

But it’s somewhat different when talking about YouTube Videos or YouTube SEO in general.

Since we are talking here about sound and image only without any written information we can put the keywords in it, except for the description of course, so keep in mind that adding tags with it (tags) is important.

But this is not enough in light of the intense competition between the famous and emerging YouTube channels, so you should be aware of the following points to control YouTube SEO to the fullest, such as the following:

Take care of setting channel keywords and setting the title for each video

Determining the title of a video on YouTube is one of the most important things that you should study well and fully implement.

So always try to choose the catchy, distinctive name that includes the keyword you want to focus on so that you don’t neglect it.

That is, the keywords and their equivalents should be placed in the “tags” tags below as well as inside the video description.

These are all criteria and factors that work to achieve the highest results.

Using YouTube keywords or tags

YouTube keywords Or in particular Channel keywords YouTube YouTube Research is searched for,

One of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to rank first on YouTube search engines.

You should not waste your time searching for a keyword, and search rates for it will be very small, but it should be very rare to use.

Her one-month search rate is around 2: 4 searches.

But for those who work in a field dedicated to earning free money from YouTube, this is considered useless or profitable.

Things to consider when setting YouTube SEO

Therefore it is necessary that they take care of two basic matters and take them into consideration, namely:

  • Monthly search rates

CPC is much more important than search tags (rates).

In short, it is the price that the advertiser or the advertiser pays for the (keywords) that we want to write or that we want to target,

For example, the field of medicine or the real estate sector, where they are among the areas that achieve a lot of profits with just one click or click, within foreign countries.

This conversation does not negate the importance of the search rate, as it is as important as the cost-per-click, but its importance is not less than the importance of the cost-per-click somewhat.

At the search rate, for both users and individuals, keyword searches are done on a monthly basis.

For example, if you search for the word “weight loss” as an example, you will notice that its search rate is very high.

This word can search for millions of monthly and daily operations.

Of course, this makes it one of the most profitable words, so it is necessary to pay attention and search for a keyword with a high click rate like this word but with what is relevant to your field.

In addition, the search rate must be huge and strong, in order to achieve your purpose of the campaign you are building.

And you reach the largest number of visitors besides getting the profit you want.

But knowing this is like search rate, how can I see it?

You are expected to think about this question, so let’s go to show you an important tool that enables you to do so

Keywords Everywhere tool available on Google Chrome

You should feel comfortable now, because this amazing extension is available in the Chrome Web Store as well as it provides you with a lot of trouble and simplifies you.

It gives you a wealth of data related to the (keyword) keywords of CPC and search rates.

All you have to do is install the (add Keywords Everywhere) plugin in your browser.

Then start writing the keywords you want to talk about in your video.

You will see many useful statistics directly in front of you.

YouTube SEO: Description

The video description is a complete and detailed description of what appears in the displayed video.

If you do not care about it to the fullest.

This may harm your channel and results in search engines on YouTube in general.

So, you have to pay attention to it and describe it very simply. It is the box at the bottom where all the information related to the video you want to upload is written,

So it is important that the description is accurate, expressive, and relevant to the content

The description is important because it increases the number of times your video is suggested.

So you should take care to set it perfectly because it is absolutely essential that the description be effective.

Use the keywords in the description as it is important that they appear in the initial results on YouTube.

Finally, you should write a description that describes the published video in a distinctive way, because it is one of the most important factors in controlling YouTube SEO.

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