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Why the new update in YouTube’s policies on content for children

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YouTube Children’s Policy Update: On November 14, a mail message was sent to millions of channel managers and YouTube content creators stating that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has accepted and signed a new US Children’s Trade Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Generally related to the new YouTube policies.

Why is there a new update in YouTube’s policies on content for children?

  • There are a large number of content producers and channels that contain children’s videos, but they are used in error or in some proportion with the intent of advertisers to be advertised with ads and content that are not appropriate for children.
  • YouTube sees this as a violation of children – YouTube has classified the ages of the children we are talking about here according to American law, which is that the child’s age is under 13 years old.
  • Many serious advertisers had a problem with their ads appearing in child-specific content and they tried a lot to avoid that but it was of no use.
  • Many content creators create and produce custom content for children and provide advertising space in their videos for many advertisers without regard to the age or nature of children and what they can see or understand.
  • One of the biggest beneficiaries of YouTube ads is currently children who provide content to other children, but a way to win them is through ads that do not originally fit the ages of children who watch that content.

What is the new update?

YouTube has defined two levels of engagement with child-directed content:

What is the new update?
  • Across the same channel level To be determined that it contains content only directed to children – which will be followed by many procedures – or that it contains content not directed to children – which will be followed by more procedures if it is proven contrary to YouTube – or that the channel provides content directed to children at the same time Non-kids’ content.
YouTube coppa 2019 policy update
  • The second level of selection It is the level of the video itself, as the channel may contain mixed content, part of it is for children, and another part that is not intended for them. Here comes the same video level, so it can be determined that this video is directed at children or not directed at children – there is a second point I will look at whether the video itself can be directed to children And for adults with each other or not.

Video update only, directed at children or not directed at children.

YouTube coppa 2019 policy update

What will be relied upon in determining that this content is directed at children?

  • The title and description of the video itself.
  • Are children the target group for the video or not?
  • Is there a child or even a child character with a main character in the video?
  • Does the video contain partying ceremonies or games for children.
  • Is the language used to be understood by children?
  • Does it include activities for children and children.
  • If the video contains songs or stories, are they directed or shown to children?

How do I, as a channel manager or content maker, align my channel with the new YouTube policies?

  • You will have to manually set your channel level. Are they all for kids? Or for adults? Or the two together?
  • You will have to manually level all of your videos, are they for children or adults?
  • You will have to choose an audience for each new video you upload to your channel.

What will happen if you define my channel level as a channel only directed to children?

  • Your videos will not have comment feature.
  • Your videos will not include any ads in any other way that you will not profit from your content.
  • Your videos will not contain information cards.
  • Your videos will not contain end screens.
  • Your videos will not be able to be added to viewers for later viewing.
YouTube coppa 2019 policy update
  • You will not be able to use the stories feature.
  • There will be no community management feature.
  • Followers will not be prompted to know that a new video has been added.
YouTube coppa 2019 policy update

What are the implications for YouTube monetization?

  • These are disastrous consequences for those who use content for children and include ads inside it.
  • You will not be able to profit again from these videos.
  • Creators of children will not be able to profit from their new content in the traditional way, as there will be a large percentage of these viewership – YouTube may find another way to compensate them but that is not currently available.

What will happen if you breach the new COPPA YouTube policies?

  • After you have manually set your channel and videos level and in line with these policies, you are fine.
  • If you leave it to YouTube, it will do that to you, but do not regret not doing it, because it will be determined according to an automated system of their admission that is inaccurate and incomplete.
  • If you put your channel at a level that it contains adult content and contains videos directed at children, that will expose you to punishment from YouTube that YouTube has not yet specified, but the penalty will be harsh.
  • If you specify a video that is intended for adults and is intended for children, this will expose you to punishment because you are forging to profit from YouTube without right.

For more information on the new policies – Resources
Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

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