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What is AMP or accelerated mobile pages and what are its most important advantages?

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AMP is the topic of our conversation today, we sought to provide you with important details on this topic, starting from its definition, through explaining its advantages and the importance of its application, all this and more you will find in this article, but at the beginning let’s get acquainted with the detailed answer to the first question as much in your mind :

What is amp and why is this project so important and many want to know more about it from your own point of view?

Of course when you see an article talking about this topic the first question that may come to your mind is what does AMP mean?

The answer is quite simple It summarizes that the websites and large companies in general seek to provide and develop the performance of their pages on mobile devices by downloading any content inside the site very quickly and is also the example for the pages of websites that want to increase the speed of loading their sites on smart phones and tablets.

As the slow loading speed of your site on phones is a problem that must be solved immediately and dealt with with interest because it is one of the ranking factors on search engines and also one of the factors affecting the improvement of the UX experience on your site.

Slowing your site may lead to a noticeable decrease in the number of visitors, resulting in a decrease in the ranking of the site in the search results, and thus a huge loss to your site or your online store, which will ultimately affect the sales and revenues of your business in general.

I bet you one day browsed one of the speedy AMP pages on a certain website, and I noticed that his pages loaded very quickly, but you did not know at the time that these pages were using the speedy mobile pages technology.

Certainly, you have seen such a lightning-like tag next to a site on a Google search results page or even on any other search engine such as Bing or Yahoo.

AMP accelerated mobile pages
An image of the search results page on Google that shows sites using AMP technology

These pages are fast because they are very different from those traditional pages that we browse repeatedly, because their speed is much better compared to them.

We will learn about these types of pages starting from knowing what is amp and what kind of importance the pages that run in its system provide, and how you can start activating its tool on your WordPress website, whether this site is a blog, forum, online store, or Even a news site, etc., you just have to keep reading the next lines in focus and you will know all this and more.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pagek, meaning accelerated mobile pages, and is an open source project Google announced it in 2015 As a competitor for Facebook instant articles And Apple News.


Is to eliminate the problem of slow web pages on mobile devices.

And speed up the capabilities of these pages so that you can download faster than before, it speeds up downloading:

  • Texts
  • Pictures
  • video clips
  • Lists
  • Options
  • The various contents that make up the page in general

And more than previously mentioned as well.

The initiative of this system was initially from Google.

Especially when it was discovered that most of the researchers in Google’s mobile search engine are very dissatisfied with the problem of slow pages appearing in their search results and that According to studies and statistics conducted by Google, 53% of smart phone users leave sites that take more than 3 seconds to download

The average download time of websites on smartphones that support 3G connectivity is 19s and 14s on phones that support 4G connectivity

Hence the need for such a project appeared.

AMP Project highlights – accelerated mobile pages

  • Amp pages are very fast on mobile phones compared to the regular pages of regular sites on the same cell phones. This is due

Because these pages are specially configured to be this responsive and fast on mobile devices and tablets as the speed of sites that use AMP does not exceed a few seconds.

  • In addition to the aforementioned, amp pages are also simple.

Its primary focus is to provide a highly efficient user experience.

In addition, it does not display unimportant pages during it.

We note that it does not generally display any side lists that may be found on mobile pages.

Especially the side menus in articles or topics in general that appear in the pages from below.

  • The main advantage of these pages is also their primary dependence on Google AMP Cache.

Google AMP Cache is a cache or what’s known as a cache.

Google AMP Cache provides the opportunity to load the page you visited earlier in less than the period of time it took you to download during the previous times when you visited the same page.

  • Despite the endless benefits that this service provides, it also took care of the security and safety of the sites and took it into consideration and sought to implement it.

This is because Google Google deals very seriously with matters relating to safe browsing of the Internet “HTTPS”.

You always notice that Google seeks to close the security breaches that websites may be exposed to. It also warns me of the webmasters and the owners of the site of the interest in this matter

In addition, it also prevents the injection of malicious pages quickly.

In addition to all these advantages offered by AMP pages,

  • Other important features, such as the acceleration of ad serving

Google has sought to load Adsense ads faster on these amp pages.

In addition, she continued to strive and improve ad serving speed.

So that made it display at the same time that it uploads the content on the site and all of this takes less than a second.

In short, AMP pages are 10 times faster than any conventional mobile page,

You can access AMP pages from your computer by adding an amp / after the page link provided that this site uses AMP.

The importance of AMP accelerated pages

AMP pages are of the utmost importance and relevance not only to blogs, magazines or websites but also go far beyond that.

These pages are very important for electronic newspapers and news sites in particular and in general they are also important for electronic stores and even large companies that provide a number of other various services.

Fully trust install AMP on your site and you will notice impressive results afterwards.

Many website owners following this system have noticed a noticeable increase in mobile visits to their websites after installing it.


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