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How to share a YouTube video with WhatsApp status

Sometimes you may watch videos on YouTube and want to share them with friends, and because WhatsApp has become very popular, it is a good way to share these videos, especially by case as this will enable all your friends to watch this video easily.

To share the video with your friends on WhatsApp through the case, open the YouTube application on your phone and then select the video that you want to share through the status of WhatsApp, and there are two ways to share this video via WhatsApp, either by sharing the link for the video, or by sharing this video directly.

The first way of how to share a YouTube video with WhatsApp status

This method is very easy, and is done through the video link, as you will not have to download the video to your phone and then re-upload it to WhatsApp, but it is sufficient to share the link for the video only.

When you find the video you want to share with your friends, copy the link or the URL of that video, then paste it into your case in WhatsApp.

When one of your friends views your status and clicks on the video link, he or she is directed directly to the shared video.

This method is very easy, and it does not require you to download the video, all you do is just share the link.

Here is another way in which you can share the video with your friends on WhatsApp, but in this way you will have to download the video from YouTube.

The second way of how to share a YouTube video with WhatsApp status

This method is done by downloading the video from YouTube and then sharing the video with your WhatsApp status, and there are many ways that you can download the videos to your phone, and in this topic we will use the website, here are the steps below.

First, copy the link of the video you want to share on WhatsApp.

After that, open any browser on your phone and head to

Then paste the video link to this site, and follow the instructions to download it.

After the video has been downloaded in the required quality, enter the gallery of your phone, and search for the downloaded video.

After that, press and hold it until you see a list of options, choose to share or share, depending on the language of your phone.

After that, choose WhatsApp from the list of applications that appears, and you will find that the WhatsApp application opens automatically.

Select the status in the WhatsApp application, then click Submit. Your video will be uploaded and then shared with your status.

Thus, you will be able to share a YouTube video with your WhatsApp status with ease, and all your friends will be able to watch this video.

If you want to download a video from WhatsApp from the status of a friend or otherwise, you can use one of the free applications that enables you to download videos from WhatsApp, such as Tube Catcher, Free-make Video Down-loader, Keepvid, Easy You-tube Video Down-loader , 4K Player, and many other applications.

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