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How to get a copy of your data on LinkedIn

Linkedin allows you to easily obtain a copy of your data that you have registered on your account, and it is one of the unique services that LinkIn provides you with. You may want to obtain that data for many reasons. Use this data to communicate with the people you want to contact again later, or add that data to another site, but that data can only be obtained using LinkedIn via a computer.

Get a copy of your data on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is considered to be the largest professional social networking site. Unlike other social media sites, it is not for entertainment. Linkedin relies primarily on communicating ambitious people with the career opportunities they wish to obtain.

The largest multinational and multinational companies and small companies are also constantly searching for competent employees by asking the requirements for the job and then if you are suitable you can apply.

Initially, LinkedIn asks you about your specialization and some information that you register in your account. Based on that information, you are nominated to LinkedIn that the jobs related to your field or study and on the field of study, you can find grants and many external studies.

You can communicate with many people who have experience in your field or any other field and ask for some advice that will give you more experience in matters related to your work, as well as you will find many words and motivational stories that can encourage you to work without getting bored especially if you are seeking a chance Certain.

You can also use LinkedIn as a substitute for CV CV because it includes all the data that you register in the CV and to prepare your entire account in 100% forgiveness You must follow the instructions and whenever your account contains important data you can get better opportunities.

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To obtain a copy of your LinkedIn data, follow the steps below:

  • In the top bar of the site, click on “Me” and then click on “Settings & Privacy”.

Get a copy of your data on LinkedIn

  • You will be directed to the “Privacy” page, and in the long list in the bar on the left, choose how LinkedIn uses your data.
  • On the other side of the same page, you will find the option to “Get a copy of your data”.

Get a copy of your data on LinkedIn

  • And from here you can choose the data you want to get from LinkedIn and it was divided into data for articles, other relations, and other messages, profile, invitations, registration, and nominations.

Get a copy of your data on LinkedIn

  • After that step, you will have two options so that you can get a copy of your data on LinkedIn and the first option is to archive all your data on LinkedIn that is like your communication with people on LinkedIn and your connection and many things that were added to LinkedIn that in this case it will take Linked in about 24 hours to implement this request.
  • The second option is to download data only from your account and you can choose from that data what you want to download such as articles, imported contacts, invitations, recommendations, contacts, messages, profile and registration, and regardless of the set of data you request like this, you can Linkedin that your data will be ready for download within ten minutes, and LinkedIn will ask you to enter the password for your account, then enter it.
  • After I select the type of data that you want to obtain, click on the “Request Archive” archive and you must make sure to get the data you want and not lose any kind of that data as it will take 72 to request the data again or request data New .
  • After downloading the data, you can check it well and make sure it contains everything you want.

Thus, you now have a copy of your data on LinkedIn that contains your interaction on the largest professional social networking platform.

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