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E-commerce guide and how to work it

E-commerce is a model of buying or selling products using the Internet, companies that sell their products online are electronic stores.

Amazon It is one of the most famous electronic stores on the Internet, and even one of the pioneers in the field of electronic commerce. The process of making profit through the Internet through the establishment of electronic stores has become very popular today.

In today’s article, we will learn about the history of e-commerce, e-commerce statistics, platforms, popular e-commerce sites and more.

History of e-commerce

E-commerce was established in 1979 by Michael Aldrich, who connected TV to a computer using a phone line, although it is not the same as what we live in today, but Michael’s idea sparked the idea of ​​shopping without visiting a real store.

At the time, most people did not own computers, Bill Gates, founder Microsoft” AndSteve Jobs Deploy and popularize computers to reach ordinary people.

Was a goal Bill Gates Its time is to place a computer in every office and in every home, because without the popularization of computers, e-commerce will be less developed and effective.

In 1994, Amazon founded by Jeff Bezos launched as an online bookstore with over a million books for sale.

Amazon has reached the highest levels of success today so that it has become the most popular store on the Internet, and Amazon will continue its successes.

In the late 1990s and into the year 2000, people tended to get computers to put them inside homes, and this was the prelude to the emergence and growth of e-commerce more.

Companies were accepting checks from the early to mid-1990s as there was no online payment gateway to transfer money from customers to companies.

When it was done PayPal is established In December 1998, it facilitated the shopping experience for customers as credit cards were easily accepted.

This step opened the way for electronic commerce in its widest gates, which made the process of buying products from the Internet today a very simple matter, thus making the opportunities for companies to make money from the Internet bigger and better.

By 2008, e-commerce sales accounted for 3.4% of all sales, indicating the industry has grown significantly.

In 2014, there were around 12-24 million online stores worldwide.

The global e-commerce sales volume in 2020 is expected to reach 4.058 trillion dollars, which makes e-commerce a strong and profitable industry.

Types of electronic commerce

In general, when we talk about electronic commerce, we are talking about trade via the Internet between companies and clients, although this definition is correct, but electronic commerce is divided into several types:

1. B2B (from companies to companies)

Form Business to Business It is the business between companies, which is when the products are sold from one company to another company, the best example of B2B is Ali Baba, As suppliers sell products to other companies.

Alibaba products are hugely cheap because they are based on wholesale.

2. B2C (from corporate to customer)

Business to Consumer It is the system of selling from companies to the consumer (the customer) directly. If you decide to create an electronic store to sell products, you will sell to consumers, not to companies most of the time.

The biggest example of this system is a site

3. C2C (from client to customer)

Customer to Customer It is the system of selling products from customers to other customers “from one consumer to another consumer”.

The biggest examples are eBay, Craigslist, Facebook and OLX.

Many of the users on these stores are not business owners or companies but regular customers and customers who offer products that they have to sell, whether new or used.

4. C2B (from client to corporate)

Form Consumer To Business A consumer into business is when a consumer sells his products or services to a company or organization. This could be a photographer selling his photos to a company.

How to create a successful online store

Building and operating an online store successfully on the Internet is not a simple and easy matter as many people think. Many believe that once you own an electronic store and offer some ready-made products for sale, people will buy these products and thus make a profit via the Internet.

Create an online store

The first step to creating a successful online store is choosing E-commerce platform Which suits your business and saves you time and cost.

E-commerce platforms are software solutions that allow businesses to create and own online stores.

By using one of these solutions, commercial activities can sell products or services to people anywhere in the world, using freight services. The most popular of these platforms is Shopify And WordPress.

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Shopify platform has been operating since 2004, in 2016 there were more than 350,000 merchants using Shopify and total revenue for this year was $ 15 billion.

Essential Shopify allows online store owners to install apps like an app Dropshiping From Oberlo, Shopify is considered the best ecommerce platform rated 10 out of 10.

WordPress also serves e-commerce effectively, if you want to save your efforts for e-marketing and the huge costs of e-stores, WordPress should be your first choice.

WordPress provides you with many add-ons that help you launch your online store in a few hours. You will have a full online store.

There are several things that you must take care of in order to ensure the establishment of an electronic store success:

1. User interest

When you create an e-store, you can sell anything to anyone but you must gain confidence first, and in order to get more confidence you must be concerned with what your site visitors want in order to bring in more conversions.

Choose a suitable design, choose a suitable name, make your site his own voice, and keep your focus on one target audience so as not to sink.

2. Test your store

Ask your friends to go through the buying steps to make sure everything is working perfect.

3. Improve your phone

Ensure that visitors to your store can purchase from phone, tablets and desktop devices.

Purchases from the phone are increasing significantly, and you should take good care of this trend.


You should allocate a budget to do the SEO for your store. If you neglect this, it will lead to more falls and success very slowly.

Find a good SEO or SEO company, even if your budget is somewhat limited, you can get sales easily.

5. Study and development

Don’t stop at a certain point. Study and develop permanently. Try to attract attention through innovative ways to develop your store more than you are.

6. E-Marketing

E-marketing is a process that helps to increase the volume of sales via the Internet, using the platforms of Internet marketing.

This can include marketing campaigns, branding, image ads, QR codes, and other e-marketing methods.

Most of the digital marketing methods come from the traditional marketing basics, but they are applied on the Internet.

What distinguishes e-marketing is that it can be learned online and through existing courses, so you can improve on your marketing methods better.

Learning some of the basics and marketing platforms available can help you effectively in the process of marketing your store effectively, regardless of your budget allocated for that.

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E-commerce will continue to withdraw market share from regular retailers who live stores, sales will continue to rise through online stores, although the competition will increase further.

E-commerce is likely to evolve in the coming years, which creates a more real consumer experience.

If you want to start real in the field of e-commerce and make a profit via the Internet, and establish your own store do not hesitate to ask for help and support.

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