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Basics of profit from YouTube 2020

With more than a billion viewers, it has become a platform YouTube The best place for those who want to profit from videos.

Profiting from the Internet using YouTube is one of the most important sources of profit on the Internet, but we always face this question: How many views do you need to make profit from YouTube?

This is a wrong questionYou may have heard that you would earn $ 1 per thousand views, or that you would earn $ 1,000 per million views.

Others say $ 5 per thousand views.

You are asking the wrong question, you should ask: “How much interaction does it take to make a profit from YouTube?” What is your method for obtaining a profit from YouTube?

1. Profit from Youtube ads

Profit from YouTube 2019

In this case you are not earning money from YouTube based on the number of views you get for your videos.

You make money based on how much people interact with ads.

Interacting here means clicking or viewing the ad for more than 30 seconds.

Is managed YouTube ads Under the system Google Ads, Which allows advertisers to choose to pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-view (CPV) basis.

If your video gets one million views, but nobody watches or clicks on ads, you are not earning any money.

Advertisers pay big money to show their ads to a specific, targeted audience.

I will explain two examples showing you the idea that I want to reach you:

The first example

I made a video to explain the features of a new iPhone that might get 100,000 views, and the clickthrough rate is 0.2%, meaning 200 people clicked on the ad.

If your CPC is $ 1, your earned profit will be $ 200 from 100,000 views. Which means $ 0.002 per view!

The second example

I created a video that increases people’s knowledge more about bank loans and how to get them and I got 10,000 views, in which the clickthrough rate will be 1.5%, which means 150 clicks on the ad.

If your CPC is $ 6, your total profit will be $ 900. Meaning $ 0.09 for every view!

YouTube’s main profit point is what advertisers pay for the number of views they get.

If you have a website or channel with a highly targeted audience with high CPC keywords, then you don’t need millions of views to earn money.

You can get hundreds of dollars a month from hundreds of views per day!

Even if you cannot create your own videos and upload them to YouTube for profit, you can now get videos without royalty that allow users to reuse and profit from them.

See: Get videos without copyright

2. Profit from commission marketing

Profit from YouTube 2019

While YouTube hosted ads are still the main source of income for many YouTube users, commission commissioning is another good way to profit! You may be better than Adsense!

Commission marketing is a method by which you promote and advertise the products of external companies and earn commission for every purchase through your link.

By using YouTube’s affiliate marketing, you use videos to encourage viewers to use this service or purchase this product.

You can make reviews on these products through your own videos, which in turn will encourage your target audience to purchase.

It is very important that the products offered are commensurate with the nature of your channel audience, to achieve the highest selling rates.

Add commission marketing links

Video description: The video description is the most used place for easy viewing by viewers. You can put the product link in the description and note that the link is in the video description.

Cards: There are many types of cards available that you can use to embed your product links into your video as it appears at the end of the clip.

Comments: You can interact with viewers through comments and product suggestions through it. This process allows you to interact with viewers directly and make an offer to click on on a more personal basis.

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